The Bargain Bin

So with end of most major leagues in the world comes the despair and sorrow of relegated clubs. And when the news of relegation comes the inevitable need to cut costs while attempting to raise revenue, usually by selling the club’s higher profile players at a bargain price to lower the wage budget and raise some money for the next season. And with the relegated clubs this season, there is a whole host of quality players that are gonna be available for an absolute bargain and I’m gonna take a look at the possible ‘bargain bin’ transfers and the clubs that they’d be suitable for.

Edit: Due to contractual clauses in these players contract, some may go for free. In which case, add about +1 to their rating.

Barclays Premier League (England):
Clubs relegated:
Blackburn Rovers

Surprises here in the BPL and three supposed regular mainstays in the league have been relegated this season after truly horrendous seasons while the three clubs that have been promoted, Swansea, QPR and Norwich have all survived the drop. And despite the terrible form of the relegated clubs, there are still gems of players in their squads, players whom any Premier League club would be delighted to take into their squad. And these are the players

Junior Hoilett:

Junior Hoilett.jpg

Age: 21
Position: Left/Right Winger
Value: 7 million pounds

David ‘Junior’ Hoilett is one of Blackburn’s star performers of this season, providing speed and guile down both flanks. The possessor of lightning quick pace akin to Walcott albeit with better dribbling skills, Junior Hoilett is a raw talented youngster with alot of potential. In 34 appearances he has notched up 7 goals and 6 assists, which may not sound like much, but considering the team he was in and his potential, those are promising stats. While his key attributes remain his speed, dribbling and creative flair, his consistency and decision-making still remain suspect at times, which is forgivable considering his age and the fact that he has plenty of time to grow and mature. Though he is valued at 7 million pounds, it is rumoured that there is a clause in his contract that allows him to walk for free should Rovers get relegated (which they did) so he’s a free agent, which only drives his bargain bin rating through the roof.

A perfect signing for a mid-table club like Everton or Sunderland, and a promising rotation option for bigger clubs like Liverpool. It is rumoured that even Bayern Munich is looking at him to possibly replace their aging flying wingers in Robben and Ribery. Either way Hoilett is going to be on the move this summer and great things will be expected of him at the club he chooses

Bargain rating: 8/10

Matt Jarvis

Matt Jarvis - Wolves.jpg

Age: 25
Position: Left Winger
Value: 7 million pounds

Matt Jarvis has been on the rise since the tail end of the 2010/2011 season and at the start of this season, providing a constant threat down the left wing of Wolves. A throw-back to classic English wingers, he’s fairly pacy, has a good work-rate and possesses a good cross. He may have suffered a midseason lull and was then forced to have the calamitous experience of having to be under the clueless leadership of Terry Conner but despite this, Jarvis still managed 8 goals and 6 assists in 39 matches, which shows a glimpse of his capabilities if he was in a better managed team.

Like Hoilett, Jarvis would be a suitable as a good option for mid-table clubs, and I personally would peg Norwich to pick him up. Jarvis would also make a decent back-up rotation option for bigger clubs, like Arsenal or United. His pricing may be inflated, being home-grown, but if he performs like he can, then he’d be an absolute bargain.

Bargain rating: 7.5/10

Wayne Hennessey

1168502161-15012011225023.jpg (320×449)

Age: 25
Position: Goalkeeper
Value: 3.5 million pounds

Another victim of the poorly managed Wolves squad, Wayne Hennessey still remains their stand-out performer, bravely manning his posts and was the solid rock behind his leaky defense. Despite his best efforts, Wolves still floundered but on the bright side for Hennessey, there will be a host of clubs that would want a goalkeeper of his quality. A good aerial presence, sharp reflexes and solid handling, Wayne Hennessey would be a solid keeper for his transfer value.

Bottom-half clubs like QPR, Stoke or Aston Villa. He’d be able to walk right into their first-team set-up barring Aston Villa and would perform well. A good back-up that can push for first team in top-half clubs like Fulham, WBA, Newcastle or Tottenham.

Bargain rating: 7/10

Lee Chung Yong

lee-chung-yong.jpg (318×449)

Age: 23
Position: Right Winger
Value: 5 million pounds

Lee Chung Yong has been the victim of a horrible broken leg sustained during preseason and has been out for almost the entire season and then became a relegation victim. Despite this his track-record has been impressive, been named Bolton’s Player of the Season during 10/11 and has shown promise during his playing time. While his come-back from his injury has not been stellar, his potential as a creative attacking outlet makes him a good purchase for a fairly cheap price.

Lee Chung-Yong would be suitable for mid-table sides and should slot well into sides like Fulham, WBA, Swansea or even Wigan Athletic.

Bargain rating: 6.5/10

Morten Gamst Pedersen

Football_-_Premier__650710t.jpg (294×293)

Age: 30
Position: Central Midfielder/Left Midfielder
Value: 5 million pounds

Morten Gamst Pedersen has established himself as one of the Premier League’s more experienced midfielders. A good passer of the ball and a killer set-piece specialist, he provides a fair amount of creativity and consistency to the midfield.

Given his age, he’d probably be suitable for the bottom half clubs like Villa. Or considering that Scharner is leaving WBA, his gap in midfield can be filled by Morten Gamst Pedersen.

Bargain Rating: 6/10 (given his age)

Adam Bogdan

player_127459.jpg (245×318)

Age: 24
Position: Goalkeeper
Value: 2 million pounds

Adam Bogdan, the man who managed to replace Jussi Jasskelainen as Bolton’s No. 1, which is no mean feat considering the consistent high standard performances delivered to Bolton by the trusty Finish keeper. Bogdan may be a young keeper, and the perpetrator of some of the league’s worst goalkeeping mistakes (think Chelsea’s rout of Bolton earlier in the season), but towards midseason and the end of the season, he began to steady and displayed some terrific goalkeeping. An excellent goalkeeper on a good day, Adam Bogdan is a decent keeper with potential to grow.

Suitability: Bottom half clubs. Would do well as the understudy to Shay Given at Aston Villa.

Bargain rating: 6/10

Jamie O’Hara

1598787556-03022011180427.jpg (298×449)

Age: 25
Position: Central Midfielder
Value: 5 million pounds

Another stand-out performer from a poor Wolves team, O’Hara has provided creativity and incision to the Wolves midfield and deceptively good at set-pieces and arguably could’ve changed Wolves’ fortune had he not been injured on such a regular basis. At his age, he can still grow and can provide some quality to the midfield.

O’Hara would fit well in clubs that prize passing quality in the middle of the park like Swansea or Wigan.

Bargain rating: 6/10

Steven N’Zonzi

200px-Steven_N'Zonzi.jpg (200×312)

Age: 23
Position: Defensive Midfield
Value: 4.5 million pounds

Steven N’Zonzi, once rated to be the next Patrick Viera has flattered to deceive this season, neither stellar nor atrociously bad, he has largely flown under the radar this season. Still showing glimpses of the talent that has made him such hot property to clubs like Arsenal, he is capable of blending technique with powerful runs, but whether or not he can raise his game, is dependent on which club is keen to take a risk on him.

N’Zonzi would be a good fit for teams that like power in their midfield, Stoke may want to look at him if they want a juggernaut with a touch of finesse in their gritty midfield. Teams like Fulham or WBA can do alot worse than sign him as well.

Bargain Rating: 6.5/10

Simon Vukcevic

290px-Simon_Vukcevic.jpg (290×394)

Position: Right Winger/ Central Midfielder
Value: 3 million

Once rumored to have United looking out for him, Vukcevic has not lived up to the expectations (whatever little there was) of him. A technical maestro and a dead-ball specialist, he has not exactly lit up the Premier League with only 2 goals and 2 assists in 11 appearances. Nevertheless, he still represents a bargain at a transfer value of 3 million.

A good back-up option for mid-table clubs. Swansea might want to look at him if they are unable to secure Siguurdsson.

Bargain Rating: 5.5/10

Steven Fletcher

2336673757-10112010131942.jpg (298×449)

Position: Striker
Value: 7 million pounds

Steven Fletcher has had a decent season, scoring 12 goals and recording 3 assists in 32 matches. A well-rounded striker who has a knack for being there at the right place at the right time, he possesses good finishing, a firm header and has a good balance of speed and strength. A good striker who is experienced in the rigours of the Premier League

A shoo-in for hardworking clubs like Norwich or WBA, who would be looking for more striking options beside Morrison and Holt, Long and Odemwingie respectively. Would do well in clubs like Everton as a back-up striker to Jelavic.

Bargain rating: 7/10

Yakubu Aiyegbeni

article-0-0F728F2600000578-137_306x450.jpg (306×450)

Age: 29
Position: Striker
Value: 7 million pounds

“Feed the Yak and he’ll score”. That saying held true this season as Yakubu fired home an impressive 17 goals in 30 matches, almost a goal every other game. Once much maligned at Everton for being extremely wasteful and generally useless, he seemingly blossomed for Blackburn, and had his goals saved them from relegation he would’ve been worth alot more than he is currently. But regardless, his eye for goal and brute strenght makes him a dangerous centre-forward and on a good day (and with adequate feeding), he is unstoppable.

Honestly, bringing Yakubu to Blackburn was already such a gamble and bringing him back from the brink of Championship would be a gamble as well. All that can be said is that if club that brings him in feeds him well, they’ll have a deadly striker on their hands.

Bargain rating: 7/10 (his price for his age may be a stumbling block)

Pictures sourced from Wikipedia and Google Images.


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