Re-launch for 2013

Hey all

It’s definitely been a while, a year in fact, since I’ve last touched this blog and at long last, I’ve finally have enough motivation to finally start a real, solid effort to maintain a proper footy blog. So I’ll be aiming to update this site regularly enough, with a variety of different posts regarding not only United, but also other trends and interesting facets of the world game.

I’ll be introducing different categories of articles over time but as of now, I’ve prepared 5 to kick things off.

1.) Season Review:
As the name suggests this article would come once every year and I’ll be covering close to everything regarding player performances, tactical trends, potential issues, potential transfers in and out and hopes for the next season. This season review would only be for Manchester United.

2.) The Bargain Bin:
This would come every transfer window, here I run down the list of potential steals of the season. The summer windows are dedicated to players that come from relegated clubs in the major leagues who can still perform at the top level and january windows are dedicated to players that are flying under the radar in the major leagues. As of now, I’ll only be limiting the Bargain Bin to the Premier League.

3.) The Curious Case of:
This is where I analyse particular trends in football, be it tactics, roles, formations and even odd players that don’t quite fit in yet find success.

4.) United Tactics Board:
This is where I cover the tactical trends regarding Manchester United, potential switches and players that can fit into the United squad to improve quality.

5.) Random musings:
Where I talk about anything and everything.

Hope you guys enjoy the upcoming content. In two weeks, I’ll be coming up with the Manchester United Season Review 2012/2013 and the Premier League Bargain Bin.